New high power field controller from Sprint Electric

13th October 2011
ES Admin

Sprint Electric has added 3 phase field controllers to the product range of DC drives for control of high current excitation fields on DC motors. The new product with the brand name QLX will be introduced in November at SPS/IPC/Drives, the international trade fair for electric automation, systems and components, in Nuremberg, Germany.

The QLX uses 3 phase supply power to provide a controlled DC field current. It will work with the armature controller to provide all usual field control functions including field reversal. The model range spans currents from 12 to 2250 Amps, with fully digital control and all the usual communications facilities. QLX 3 phase field controllers are ideal for controlling the high current excitation fields of DC motors used in applications such as a hot rolling mill and steel handling.

The QLX 3 phase field controller has the same digital functions as Sprint Electric’s established PLX range of DC drives, including field bus options such as Profibus, DeviceNet, CanOpen, Modbus TCP/IP, EtherNet etc. The QLX range consists of five frame sizes with the maximum current capability of up to 2250 Amps. It offers Field Reversal and Auto Field Weakening for high power fields. It also has a built-in Standby Field mode. For start and stop functions, the QLX directly interfaces with the main armature controller such as the PLX or other. It cost-effectively adds reversing to large DC motors where the facility does not already exist, or exists only with contactors.

Sprint Electric offers a wide range of DC motor control, with over 150 models covering both 1 phase and 3 phase, regenerative and non-regenerative DC motor applications, together with digital slip ring motor controllers. Sprint Electric’s full range of products include analogue and digital DC drives from 12 up to 2250 Amps. Whether in retrofits or original equipment, DC drives from Sprint Electric are being used in many different applications including metal processing, the pulp and paper industry, rubber and plastic processing, lifting equipment, food processing, leisure industries and many more.

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