Peregrine expand UltraCMOS antenna switch family

1st August 2013
Raj Joshi

Peregrine Semiconductor have announced an expansion of its family of MultiSwitch STeP8 dual single-pole, seven throw UltraCMOS antenna switches. Optimized to solve the significant carrier aggregation challenges of 4G mobile wireless applications as adopted by leading RF front-end module suppliers, the PE42128x devices support simultaneous multi-band operation of up to 14 frequency bands. The new antenna switches also deliver exceptional linearity, insertion loss performance and small size.

“Peregrine’s UltraCMOS process continues to bring innovative solutions to a highly complex and ever-increasing set of challenges in the RF front-end. Our vision has always been to enable the wireless industry to solve the most critical RF demands, where our technology and products not only deliver but thrive. Emerging LTE-Advanced Smartphone platforms require a unique combination of RF performance achievements that only UltraCMOS technology can bring,” commented Jim Cable, CEO of Peregrine Semiconductor.

In order to improve data delivery speed and dramatically improve consumer experience, the LTE-A protocol calls for either carrier aggregation or simultaneous reception of multiple frequency bands. The PE42128x series antenna switches are specifically designed to solve the challenges of carrier aggregation; each of the new MultiSwitch devices features an innovative combination of two SP7T switches in a single IC to support 14 different frequency bands including simultaneous multiband operation.

Delivering high linearity with an IIP3 of +75 dBm and as extremely low insertion loss (0.35dB @ 900MHz; and 0.45 at 1900 MHz), the PE42128x switches incorporate HaRP technology enhancements. The new antenna switches offer high isolation (38 dB at 698-2170 MHz; and 33 dB at 2500-2690 MHz) and industry-leading 2fo and 3fo for LTE of less than -80 dBm at 700 MHz. High linearity and isolation performance are critical in LTE-Advanced Smartphones to ensure that radio signals don’t spill into other bands during multi-band operation.

Packaging, pricing & availability

The flip chip PE42128x switches are available now in RoHS compliant, chip-scale packaging for SMD placement. Contact Peregrine Semiconductor samples, volume-production quantities and pricing.

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