onsemi supports Ramaxel in development of next-gen server

21st September 2021
Beatrice O'Flaherty

Server and cloud service provider, Ramaxel, is integrating multi-phase controllers, smart power stages and point of load (PoL) regulators for its Intel-based VR13.HC servers.

The devices from onsemi power the infrastructure from the edge to the cloud, to keep up with increasing power requirements in processors used in servers.

The servers will be powered by the FD3501 digital multiphase controller, which, according to the company has superior transient response, is programmable and easy to use. The servers will also use the company’s smart power stages, PoL regulators and its e-Fuse current protection technologies. 

Ding Wang, Ramaxel vice president of server development and corporate R&D, commented, that onsemi has fully enabled the VR13.HC development for the next generation VR14 server. 

The company has also announced that it will shortly release eight-phase and 12-phase digital multi-phase controllers to support Intel’s VR14 server.

According to AB Wang, Ramaxel’s senior vice president of the server business unit and storage/flash development, strategic partner, onsemi, offers innovation, efficiency, technical support and supply capabilities that enabled the company to streamline the development process and prepare for high volume production.

Ramaxel supplies server OEMs and cloud service providers, manufacturing solid state device (SSD) / memory and server products. The company is based in China

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