New Anybus CompactCom module connects devices to BACnet/IP

1st September 2011
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HMS Industrial Networks now releases Anybus CompactCom for BACnet/IP - a network communication module which can be embedded into air conditioning equipment, pumps, ventilation devices etc. in order to enable communication with the BACnet/IP network.

With this new member of the Anybus CompactCom family, HMS offers ready-made connectivity to

BACnet/IP - an up-and-coming network in the building automation and HVAC (Heating Ventilation

AirConditioning) industry. By choosing Anybus CompactCom for BACnet/IP connectivity, device

manufacturers can save up to 70% of the development costs compared to developing a BACnet/IP

communication interface in-house.

»As with many other industries, the building automation and HVAC industry is now contemplating a migration towards Industrial Ethernet technology and BACnet/IP could very well be the next big thing within this industry,» comments Leif Malmberg, HMS Product Line Manager, Embedded Solutions. »By implementing Anybus CompactCom, device manufacturers can also achieve instant connectivity to 19 other industrial networks by simply switching Anybus module. This opens new business opportunities for the device manufacturers and widens their market considerably.»

2-port switch makes devices easier to network

The Anybus CompactCom BACnet/IP includes an integrated 2-port switch that makes it possible to connect the device to the network in normal fieldbus style (daisy chain) rather than connecting all devices through an external switch. This is a demand from many end users today.

Technical highlights

The Anybus CompactCom module acts as a server (B-ASC) on the BACnet and without housing and is about the size of a compact flash card.

Thanks to the integrated web functions (such as dynamic web pages, email and FTP) it is possible to get

online statistics, notification emails and other information about the device that the Anybus module is

embedded into. For example, it is possible to get an email whenever the device is in need of service.

The onboard 2-port switch provides two 100 Mbit/s full duplex Ethernet interfaces with RJ45 connectors.

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