Monopole antenna covers 600MHz and 6GHz frequencies

18th August 2022
Mick Elliott

The Apex TG.66 is a hinged monopole antenna from Taoglas designed to cover all global 5G/4G frequencies between 600MHz and 6GHz.

It is in stock at Anglia Components.

Despite its super miniature size, measuring in at just 70.3 x Ø10mm, the TG.66 has omnidirectional radiation patterns and provides stable gain across the hemisphere.

The antenna packs an incredible punch for its size and performs excellently, with efficiencies above 45% across the entire 5G/4G spectrum when positioned on the edge of a small ground plane of just 120 x 45mm in size.

The TG.66 utilises a sleek, robust PC enclosure, and its’ small size allows is to be mounted where space is at a premium.

It has a rotatable 90° hinged SMA connector allowing it to be covertly installed on next generation 5G gateways, routers, medical devices, or POS Terminals, either straight or at an angle to the preferred orientation which helps to avoid other antennas or objects.

This also helps with isolation by pointing the antennas in different directions when used in MIMO systems or when other antennas are present on the same device.

Dublin-based Taoglas are also able to offer different connector options for the TG.66 antenna as well as internal connecting cables as part of their customisation service to help the antenna assembly meet the exact needs of an application.

The TG.66 has been evolved from the highly successful TG.09 and is part of the growing portfolio of 5G antennas offered by Taoglas.

The Apex TG.66 antenna is suitable for a wide range of applications including Gateways and Routers, IoT Sensors, Public Safety and Security Equipment, Point of Sales Terminals, Smart Home Automation Devices and Robotics and Autonomous Equipment.

Distributor Anglia Components is offering customers free samples of the Apex TG.66 super compact 5G/4G wideband antenna from Taoglas.

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