Mistral announces the new VPX3-FSM FLASH Storage Module from Curtiss Wright

25th June 2010
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Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd., a leading technology design and systems engineering company,, today announced the availability of Curtiss Wright’s 3U VPX3-FSM (FLASH Storage Module). The 3U VPX3-FSM is a new rugged, high-performance, high-capacity; solid-state SATA storage card that includes a “NIST certified 256-bit AES data encryption capability”.
The VPX3-FSM utilizes high reliability SLC NAND FLASH to provide 256GB of capacity in four banks of 64GB each in a 3U VPX (VITA 46 and VITA 48.2 REDI) platforms. The four banks of flash can appear to the host as four separate SATA drives or as a single SATA drive with hardware RAID0 support. The card’s flash components have an MTBF of 2M hours and cells are rated for over 100,000 write cycles. Industry standard wear leveling and bad block management is provided and support for the standard Curtiss-Wright conduction-cooled Levels 100, 200, and 300 are planned.

The VPX3-FSM’s on-board microcontroller monitors temperature, power, and error conditions and provides BIT status to the host SBC over either RS-232 or the I2C bus. Three LEDs are also provided for external indication of power, encryption enabled, and fault condition. The VPX3-FSM’s microcontroller also performs 256-bit AES encryption key management functions and supports five modes of key management.

The conduction-cooled VPX3-FSM speeds and simplifies the addition of high-reliability encrypted mass storage for VPX-based embedded systems in deployed applications.

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