MACOM Announces New Versatile, Broadband and Low Cost Wideband Amplifier

2nd July 2013
ES Admin
M/A-COM Technology Solutions announced a new wideband amplifier for Multi-market applications. The MAAM-011109 is an innovative solution for customers who need a versatile, ultra-broadband packaged amplifier for IMS, Point to Point, Test & Measurement, Electronic Warfare and Aerospace and Defense applications. The device is packaged in a convenient 5mm x 5mm laminate package, while providing superior 10 MHz to 40 GHz continuous performance over its nearest alternatives.
The MAAM-011109 provides a simple and easy solution for a variety of applications by fully integrating the bias network, power detection and gain control.

“The MAAM-011109 offers an excellent combination of broadband performance, ease of use and low cost,” said Tom Galluccio, Product Manager.

The MAAM-011109 is ideally suited for any application that that requires 50 Ω gain performance from 10 MHz to 40 GHz. It is useful to customers in applications where the incoming signal varies over a broad bandwidth, specifically - laboratory, instrumentation, and defense applications.

This device is housed in a leadless 5 X 5 X 1.3 mm package that can be handled and placed with standard pick and place assembly equipment. The package base is a two layer laminate with overmold fully compatible with PCB environment and wash conditions. The device includes a GaAs MMIC that is fully passivated providing the customer excellent performance and reliability.

The table below outlines typical performance:

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