M16 connectors are AISG-compliant for 5G roll-out

27th January 2020
Staff Reporter

binder has announced an M16 connector that is ASIG C485-compliant and therefore suitable for application in the latest 5G wireless networks. binder has been producing M16 connectors for many years and is an established supplier of ASIG-compliant connectors for both 3G and 4G networks. The AISG (Antenna Interface Standards Group) defines the communication interface for “remote electrical tilt” (RET) of the mobile phone antenna

The ASIG standard has been re-defined for 5G and binder has made available 8 pole versions which are compliant.

The new AISG C485-compliant 423 and 723 series M16 connectors are available both as cable connectors and as cable sockets - as well as flange versions - in a shielded version. The connectors meet the requirements of IP68 protection when connected thus offering maximum reliability even in adverse external conditions.

Cable assemblies fitted with these M16 connectors connect the mobile phone base station to an electric motor mounted on the base of the antenna.  

In a cellular mobile phone network there is only a finite number of connections a cell can accommodate at one time.  When a particular mobile cell is busy the remote electrical tilt system adjusts the antenna array mechanically to make the cell smaller.  At the same time the antenna in neighbouring cells is adjusted to make them bigger to support the busy cell.

According to binder, the number and variety of applications for the M16 connector has greatly increased over the years thanks to lower contact resistance, higher pin count and improved levels of protection. This latest application is the perfect example of the M16 connector’s ability to meet new performance and environmental challenges.

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