Low-power wireless M-Bus communications module

28th February 2019
Alex Lynn


This reference design explains how to use the TI wireless M-Bus stack for CC1310 and CC1350 wireless MCUs and integrate it into a smart meter or data-collector product. This software stack is compatible with the Open Metering System (OMS) v3.0.1 specification.

EN13757-1 through EN13757-7 are European standards for meter reading and include both wired and wireless metering-bus (M-Bus); these together are very popular in ultra-low-power metering and sub-metering applications. This design offers ready-to-use binary images for any of the wireless M-Bus S-, T-, or C-modes at 868MHz with unidirectional (meter) or bidirectional configurations (both meter and data collector).

Multiple precompiled binary images are provided that cover metering applications, including but not limited to heat cost allocators (HCAs), gas, water, and heat meters, or e-meters with an external host MCU.

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