Logic Supply reveals full line of ACP certified thin client computers

29th July 2015
Siobhan O'Gorman

With the release of the TM100 compact thin client PC, Logic Supply now offers a full line of ACP certified ThinManager Ready systems that provides thin client users a highly-reliable, fanless virtualisation solution with short lead times and locally-based sales and support. 

The TM100 joins the TM200, TM300 and TM400 in Logic Supply’s line of ACP certified hardened thin clients. Each system is completely fanless and ventless, protecting the hardware from damage due to dust and other airborne debris.

The TM100 is a compact thin client computer designed for space constrained applications that still require a capable computing platform. Capable of handling complex computing tasks that would challenge other thin client systems, the device’s fanless and ventless industrial enclosure protects it from dust and other airborne debris. Dual GB Ethernet, five USB ports, dual HDMI and an RS-232 port enable highly versatile connectivity to a wide range of systems.

The TM200 is capable of easily accommodating MultiSession, system shadowing and dual display applications while consuming less than 20W of power. The thin industrial fanless and ventless design enhances system longevity and enables silent operation. Onboard industrial I/O includes USB, RS-232 COM, VGA and HDMI, providing connectivity for a range of equipment and peripherals.

The TM300 is a ruggedised system which features an extended operating temperature range of -20 to +70°C for installation in the most challenging industrial environments. With an unparallelled compliment of I/O, the TM300 is able to interface with virtually any modern or legacy equipment to enable effective virtualisation in a wide range of industrial applications.

The TM400 thin client panel PC is built on the Cincoze Crystal Line, featuring their patented Convertible Display System which combines reliable, bright touchscreen displays with removable PC or display modules. The Convertible Display System allows a single display to function as either an all-in-one panel when equipped with a PC module, or a secondary display when configured with a Cincoze display module. This unique modularity enables simple maintenance and upgrading, as well as out of the box multi-screen capabilities.

"All of our hardware is built with reliability front of mind, and that focus drove the creation of these industrial thin client systems," said Beth Hill, Market Development Manager, Logic Supply. "These PCs will give ThinManager users a dependable computing platform that also offers a slew of features seldom seen a thin client, from enhanced processing capabilities to specialised I/O options. We engineered these systems to be the most flexible thin clients on the market."

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