40MHz to 10GHz RMS Detector with 57dB Dynamic Range

16th June 2010
ES Admin
Linear Technology introduces the LTC5582, a high dynamic range 10GHz RMS detector that sets a new standard in measurement accuracy of RF signals. It offers outstanding ±0.2dB linearity over a 43dB dynamic range at 2.14GHz, regardless of the high crest-factor modulations used in 3G and 4G broadband wireless networks, including LTE, WiMAX, TD-SCDMA, W-CDMA and CDMA2000. In addition, the LTC5582 can accurately measure signal levels as low as -56dBm to 1dBm to ±1dB error, providing 57dB dynamic range from 450MHz to 2.7GHz.
The device is capable of operating at higher frequencies, providing 46dB of useful dynamic range at 6GHz, and 38dB at 10GHz. Moreover, the device operates efficiently on a single 3.3V supply. Its RF input is designed to operate single-ended, requiring no external balun transformer, thus reducing the solution size and cost.

The LTC5582 has outstanding temperature performance. From -40°C to 85°C, the device can deliver 48dB of dynamic range with a linearity accuracy of ±1dB. This enables use of the LTC5582 in rugged environments such as RRUs (Remote Radio Units) or ODU (Outdoor Units) deployed on cellular towers with minimal calibration adjustments. Moreover, the device has on-chip provisions for first- and second-order temperature compensation which can be easily calibrated for improved temperature performance.

The LTC5582 has a log-linear response which precisely converts the RF signal levels in dB scale into a linearly proportional DC voltage. Operating in the wireless network frequency range from 450MHz to 2.7GHz, the detector response maintains the industry's most constant slope as the signal frequency changes. This allows a single detector to operate in multiband environments with minimal calibration adjustments. Moreover, the LTC5582 has fast settling characteristics, acquiring a rising signal accurately in 500ns and a falling signal in 4.5µs. Its fast response supports a wide range of signal envelope tracking applications.

The LTC5582's specifications apply to single-ended RF input, supporting single-ended applications without a need of an external balun transformer. So the RF input provides easy interface, and is cost-effective to implement in a high performance RF measurement circuit.

The LTC5582 is powered from a single 3.3V supply with an operating current of 42mA, minimizing power consumption. The device has an Enable pin, allowing the chip to power down. When in shutdown mode, the device draws trickle current of less than 10µA. The LTC5582 comes in a small 3mm x 3mm 10-pin DFN package. Typical application circuits using the device require fewer external components, providing a compact solution footprint. The LTC5582 is available from stock.

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