Modbus-to-SNMP function now supported in JetBox 9300 series Networking Computers for Cost-effective and Easy Cloud Data Center Monitoring

26th May 2011
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Korenix is pleased to announce that Modbus to SNMP gateway is now supported in its JetBox 9300 / 9310 series Router Computers for providing simple data center monitoring in cloud computing networks. Working as a gateway between Modbus RTU and SNMP, the JetBox series now can act as integrated solutions enabling users to provide data center monitoring, automation control via Modbus connection and status monitoring via SNMP. The two functions in one box, as a result, greatly save costs and simplify network maintenance.
JetBox 9300 series integrate a Modbus program as well, to allow mapping Modbus ID and data to SNMP object ID. Through this mapping mechanism, system users can read and write the Modbus message for different applications. All Modbus configurations and system management settings can be done using the easy-to-use Linux auto-run function.

More information on Modbus to SNMP gateway for JetBox 9300 series, can be viewed HERE!

Korenix JetBox 9300 series are double Award winning embedded RISC-based computers, designed with a rich interface of Ethernet / PoE ports, serial, DIO and USB ports, SD card slot as well as Routing functions for providing versatile secure connectivity in complex networks. Additionally, the Korenix Linux Auto Run function of the computers enables users to manage customized configuration settings. Designed in a rugged aluminum enclosure with -25~70oC and -40~80oC wide operating temperature range (JetBox 9300-w / 9310-w), the compact computers resist vibration and shock and thus become perfect solutions for use in harsh environments of cloud computing networks.

Key features of JetBox 9300 / 9310 are:

1 WAN, 4 LAN for static routing: NAT, DMZ
Full switch management with QoS, VLAN
4-port PoE delivers full 15.4W per port (JetBox 9310)
2-port RS232/422/485 and 2 RS232 for device remote control
USB for wireless data transmission
Easy management with DIO, PoE Scheduling
SNMP v1, v2c, v3 for easy network management
Linux SDK for quick time-to-market
Auto-run SD card for customized configuration
-40~80oC wide op. temp. for harsh environments (JetBox 9300-w / 9310-w)

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