Korenix JetNet 6710G-RJ / 6710G-M12 series 8 port Ruggedized 802.3at PoE Plus Giga Switches w/ -40~60oC ensure High Speed & High Power Connectivity in toughest Industrial Surveillance Applications

27th January 2011
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To ensure the reliable and high speed video transmission to high end PoE cameras under harsh conditions of industrial networks, Korenix offers the JetNet 6710G series high power PoE switches with the best ruggedized parameters, such as the vibration / shock resistant RJ45 and M12 connectors, -40~60oC wide op. temp. range and EN 50121-3-2 railway EMC compliant mechanical design, as a result providing exceptional solid Ethernet and PoE connections in railway/subway like deployments.
The switches are equipped with 8 IEEE 802.3at compliant PoE ports with the ability to transfer up to 200W per unit along with high quality data, thus enabling a broad range of WiMAX, PTZ and dome cameras, wireless APs and other high-end IP surveillance applications. In addition, 2 gigabit uplink ports are available for users to ensure the reliable high speed connectivity to higher level backbone switches with the MSR ring redundancy technology. Combining outstanding Layer 2 management features, such as LLDP and JetView Pro, DHCP option 82, QoS, LACP, etc… the switches further provide outstanding system efficiency, automatic device discovery and reliable PoE connectivity in industrial applications.

The major distinguishing features of JetNet 6710G series are:

High Power PoE for Power-Hungry IP Cameras & Wireless AP
All 8 PoE ports of the switches deliver up to 30W by high power IEEE 802.3at PoE standard and total of 200W power budget to drive the motors of outdoor PTZ IP cameras, or WiMAX and 802.11a/b/g/n wireless systems for connectivity in trains, subways, airports etc. The 2 uplink gigabit ports further ensure the high bandwidth video streaming in the surveillance network.

Priority Control via Smart Power Budget Limitation
To ensure the reliable power delivery, JetNet 6710G series are designed with budget and priority control for smart PD power budget limitation, allowing users to protect high priority PD devices from shut down caused by overloading of the power supply.

Ruggedized RJ45 & M12 Connectors for Solid Connectivity
The 8 PoE ports of the Industrial PoE plus switches are designed with rugged RJ45 (JetNet 6710G-RJ) and M12 D-coded (JetNet 6710G-M12) connectors providing robust protection from constant vibration and shock with no any link loss and data failure in outdoor networking applications, intelligent industrial automations, mobile deployments, etc.

MSR Seamless Surveillance Network for reliable connectivity
By supported Korenix patented MSR technology with just 5millisecond recovery time the switches guarantee the high quality video transmission in a reliable, scalable network. Additionally, with high-port density design and the exclusive MultiRing, the switches form up to 4 Fast Ethernet and 1 Giga redundant ring networks within a single switch.

Advanced Network Management and Auto Device Discovery
Korenix’s high power PoE switches outstand from other similar solutions in the market by their intelligent management and security functionalities, including the LLDP and Korenix patented JetView Pro NMS which provide auto-topology visualization and efficient large scale network management. Additionally, the switches support various high-end software features, including QoS, 256 VLAN groups, IGMP Snooping, DHCP option 82 LACP etc., for optimizing networks and ensuring high-quality network performance, bandwidth aggregation and efficient video traffic transmission in industrial applications.

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