Korenix JetNet 5428G series Industrial Rackmount Managed Switches now provide MSTP network redundancy & Private VLAN / QinQ enhanced security!

11th April 2011
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Korenix launches the new v1.2 Firmware in the JetNet 5428G series rackmount 24+2G+2G/FX port managed switches adding new features such as MSTP network redundancy technology, Private VLAN and QinQ for enhancing the reliability, the performance and data security of industrial networks.
Using additional MSTP, the JetNet 5428G series become compatible with central room’s rackmount switches, as a result, allowing JetNet 5428G users to have scalable and reliable networks in broader industrial applications. Besides, in order to provide a more efficient network maintenance and enhanced security of communication, the Private VLAN and QinQ are added to the switches’ hardware, helping improve the network security, simplify network VLAN assignment and resolve VLAN shortage problem in specific applications.

The following models are provided in JetNet 5428G series:

JetNet 5428G Industrial 24+4G Rackmount Managed Ring Switch
JetNet 5428G-DC Industrial 24+4G Rackmount Managed Ring Switch w/ 12~48VDC
JetNet 5428G-2G-2FX Industrial 24+2G+2FX Rackmount Managed Ring Switch

JetNet 5428G / 5428G-DC series are equipped with 24 Fast Ethernet Copper and 4 Gigabit RJ45 / SFP combo ports, and are designed to provide flexible distance and high speed uplink connections and thus, be suitable solutions for control rooms, running large-scale networks. The JetNet 5428G-2G-2FX switches have the same design as the JetNet 5428G, except that instead of 4G combo ports, they provide 2G combo and 2 Gigabit / 100M SFP sockets for additional Fast Ethernet over optical fiber transmission in extended distance applications in factory automation, intelligent transportation systems, etc.

To provide high quality data transmission, the switches support wire speed forwarding capability as well as Jumbo frame with up to 9KB packet size, as a result allowing users to transmit large size traffic without any packet loss or collision. Other than the MSTP technology, the JetNet 5428G series also support Korenix’s patented MSR ring redundancy and the MultiRing technology for aggregating up to 12 Fast Ethernet and 2 copper/fiber gigabit or FE rings, where the reliable and non-stop data transmission is guaranteed.

In addition to the new features added to the JetNet 5428G managed switches’ firmware, other advanced Layer 2 management and security functions are also supported, including QoS, 256 VLANs, IGMP query and snooping, DHCP option 82, etc, which ensure high performance and security of the network, as well as the IEEE 1588 PTP for precisely synchronizing time. The long list of outstanding management features of JetNet 5428G series is completed with the LLDP and the optional JetView Pro Network Management System, which allow users to automatically visualize topology of over 1000 devices in large scale industrial networks and provide efficient network maintenance.

Korenix offers models with 90~264VAC (JetNet 5428G / 5428G-2G-2FX) and dual 12~48VDC (JetNet 5428G-DC) power inputs for flexible use in field power constructions. Combining all the enhanced features into JetNet 5428G’s fanless design with -25~70oC extended operating temperature, the rackmount switches perform reliably under tough industrial applications and provide higher quality and more secure data transmission under harsh conditions of traffic control systems, mines, highways, etc.

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