Korenix unveils JetNet 4508 V2 series Industrial 8-port Fast Ethernet / Fiber Switches with enhanced management functions for Efficient and Real-Time Networking in Harsh Outdoor Environments

27th January 2011
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Korenix launches the V2 superior model of the JetNet 4508 series 8-port industrial managed switches and JetNet 4508f series 8-port industrial managed fiber switches, designed with enhanced management & security functionalities and high system reliability for ensuring outstanding network performance in large-scale industrial applications, such as transportation systems, public utilities, oil and mining areas etc.
The JetNet 4508 V2 series support layer2 management functions, including the LLDP and the Korenix patented JetView Pro i2NMS for efficient network management and auto topology visualization, the IEEE 1588 PTP for precise time synchronization, VLAN / Private VLAN and QinQ for enhanced data transmission security and easy network segmentation, and many others. For achieving high network reliability, the switches in addition to RSTP and MSTP, also support Korenix’s MSR network redundancy technology as well as the MultiRing, which allows aggregating up to 4 rings within a switch and where the network redundancy is less than 5ms.

The JetNet 4508 V2 switches are designed with 8 Fast Ethernet ports with 32Gbps switch fabric to provide real time non blocking data transmission without data loss. The 2 out of the 8 Fast Ethernet ports of the JetNet 4508f V2 model are optical fiber, designed to provide real time data transmission for achieving longer distances.

To provide system stability and reliability in harsh environments, the switches further incorporate the built-in watchdog timer, which helps to avoid system crash caused by environmental factors, such as intense electromagnetic interference, wide temperature ranges, etc...

Last but not least, the new superior system design of the managed switches also provides a wider range of dual DC10V~60V inputs with redundancy for ensuring the fail-safe power supply in the system. Combining the outstanding L2 management features into the ruggedized design with IP31 enclosure and -25~70°C (JetNet 4508 V2), -10~70°C (JetNet 4508f V2) and -40~75°C (JetNet 4508-w V2) wide operating temperature, JetNet 4508 V2 switches provide highly reliable and secure data transmission under severe industrial environments.

Key features of JetNet 4508 V2 / 4508f V2 are:

* 6-port 10/100TX plus 2 10/100TX Copper (JN 4508v2) / 100Base-FX
fiber (JN 4508fV2) ports
* Supports Multi-mode 2KM, Single-mode 30KM (JetNet 4508f v2)
* 32G bps Non-Blocking, 8K MAC address table
* Multiple Super Ring (recovery time <5ms), Rapid Dual Homing,
Multiple Ring, and MSTP / RSTP
* IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol for precise time synchronization
* VLAN, Private VLAN, QinQ, GVRP, QoS, IGMP Snooping V1/V2/V3,
Rate Control, Port Trunking, LACP, Online Multi-Port Mirroring
* LLDP and JetView Pro i2NMS for auto-topology and group management
* Supports SNMP, Web, Telnet In-Band, Serial Out-Band Management
* Embedded Hardware Watchdog for System Auto Rescue
* Dual DC10~60V Power Inputs with Redundancy
* Software configurable Alarm Output
* IP31 rugged aluminum case
* Operating temperature: -25~70oC (JetNet 4508 v2), -10~70oC(JetNet 4508f V2)
and -40~75oC (JetNet 4508-w V2)

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