Korenix - JetBox 9563G - World’s First 4-port Gigabit & 4-port 12~24V PoE Linux-based Router Computer w/ Mobile Expansion Slot for Enhanced, High-Speed Backbone Vehicle Surveillance

27th January 2011
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Korenix upgrades its series of embedded vehicle computers by launching the new JetBox 9563G Industrial Embedded VPN Router Platform, which in addition to exclusive 12~24V PoE booster ports offers 4 gigabit ports, enabling users to ensure high bandwidth video transmission in transit systems.
With its feature-rich interface, including vehicle PoE and Gigabit ports, mobile extension slot, DIO and USB ports, the computer becomes an ideal solution to implement in transportation systems for providing PoE-enabled device connectivity, high bandwidth uplink data streaming, wireless transmission, digital device connections, etc. Furthermore, the performance optimized Linux operating system and the rugged IP31 design with vibration and shock resistance and -25~70oC wide temperature range, turn the Layer3 computer into a highly reliable, user friendly platform for running your favorite surveillance control applications inside vehicles.

Gigabit Ports for High Speed Video Transmission
Using the 4 Gigabit ports the computer works as a backbone networking device for connecting to giga core switches with the intension to reliably transmit high bandwidth megapixel video streams from the vehicle to the control room.

Exclusive Built-in 12~24V Booster for Transit Surveillance
The 4 ports of JetBox 9563G are designed with Korenix patented 12~24V Vehicle PoE technology, which allows boosting 12~24V input inside buses, carriages, ships, … etc. to power up the existing 48V PoE IP cameras without using additional power adapters and therefore, saving maintenance time, costs and space.

Mobile Expansion for Wireless Connectivity
JetBox 9563G allows mobile expansion of the network infrastructure with the optional miniPCIe and SIM slots, which provide users with wireless transmission and GPS location tracking.

Performance-Optimized Embedded Linux Computing
JetBox 9563G runs on embedded Linux system and therefore can be easily deployed in front-end industrial control applications. In addition to executing customized Linux programs, IPC providers can also benefit from the user-friendly web UI—Webmin to easily manipulate the network or device related settings. Moreover, with the Korenix Auto-Run customization setting on SD card, they can develop their own customized industrial control applications making the network management easier and more flexible.

Effective Group Management via Layer3 Routing and VPN Networking
JetBox 9563G supports complete layer3 routing functions, and thus allows efficiently managing extended network groups in large network infrastructures. Besides, it also offers VPN and DMVPN functionality to expand networking capabilities and reduce system costs by establishing long-distance and dynamic secure overlay network connections over WAN.

The built-in gigabit ports in addition to the blend of compact design with sophisticated features, exceptional computing and complete layer3 routing make the Linux based platforms unique among similar embedded networking products, and the best for high-speed in-vehicle surveillance applications.

Key features of JetBox 9563G are:

* Intel IXP 435 667MHz networking processor
* VPN, DMVPN for enhanced secure networking
* Complete layer3 routing: OSPF, RIP, DVMRP, IPv6
* DC 12~24V Boost 48V 4-port PoE delivers full 15.4W per port
* 4-port Gigabit Ethernet for high-bandwidth data transmission
* Full managed features with QoS, VLAN, PoE scheduling
* Versatile interfaces of USB, DIO, SD control
* miniPCIe & SIM slot for mobile module (GSM/GPRS/3G/HSUPA)
* Embedded Linux UI—Modulized Webmin for running customized control programs
* Cross-platform applications by JamVM
* Fan-less and ruggedized industrial design for anti-vibration, anti-shock
* -25~70oC operating temperature

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