Intel Atom processor E3800 & Celeron J1900 based panel PCs

25th November 2014
Nat Bowers

Avalue Technology has announced the Intel Atom processor E3800 and Celeron J1900 product family applied Panel PC product line, including LPC, SPC, FPC, PPC and BFC series. Based on the 22nm Silvermont microarchitecture, the Intel Atom E3800 and Celeron J1900 processors are designed for intelligent systems and applications with low power consumption and high performance requirements.

The Intel Atom processor E3800 and Celeron J1900 product family brings enhanced stereoscopic 3D capabilities, high-resolution graphics, data integrity, reliability, and system uptime to meet intelligent systems requirements.

The LPC-0809, LPC-1009, LPC-1209, LPC-1509 and LPC-1709 feature industrial-grade modularised low-power interactive Panel PC. The LPC series has adopted the Intel Atom processor E3800 family. The LPC series achieves IP-65 compliance, meaning that it can withstand overall splashing conditions and is very suitable for use in highly rigorous environments. LPC series is optional equipped with a super-anti-abrasion touch panel by adopting glass on top technology. It is a suitable solution for HMI, marine, industrial automation and home automation.

The SPC-1209, SPC-1509, SPC-1709 and SPC-22W9 adopt the Intel Atom processor E3800 family. The SPC series is the ultimate industrial fanless rugged IP-65 solution and characterised by a stainless steel chassis with wide voltage and IP-65 front panel can be extensive use in rugged environments. It is suited for applications including restaurants/kitchens, the food industry, slaughterhouses, water waste processing factories, marine navigation systems and car-washing machines.

The FPC-08W29 has adopted the Intel Atom processor E3800 family. The FPC series is thin bezel and elegant ID in a full aluminium housing design. The series is a modular multimedia platform, which is aimed at market of point of service system and digital signage applications. It is modularised the main structures from LCD display, system chassis, to motherboard. The FPC series is suited for in-vehicle, industrial automation, home automation, HMI, point of service, kiosk and thin client.

The PPC-1529 and PPC-1729 adopt the Celeron J1900 family. The PPC series features a front panel which meets IP-65 water-dust proof ratings, while the top chassis meets IP-X1 water drop protected to avoid liquid penetration. A customised internal cooling system utilises a heatpipe to replace the heatsink, enabling higher performance platforms. The membrane switch replaces traditional mechanical buttons which help to reduce mechanical failures while offering low power consumption and fast responsibility characteristics. The series is suitable for interactive client solutions, self-service and point of service/kisok applications.

The BFC-10W9, BFC-1509 and BFC-15W9 adopt the Celeron J1900 family. The BFC series features stylish metal housing along with projected capacitive touch screen supporting multi-touch and is front IP-65 dust and water proof. Its slim and compact design suits kiosk, public information station, gaming, digital signage, billboard and restaurant.

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