Industrial Wireless Modules are R&TTE and RoHS Compliant

4th April 2006
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Available from Low Power Radio Solutions are Circuit Design’s latest Class 1 wireless modules for industrial use. The CDP-TX02E-R and CDP-RX-02E-R transmitter and receiver are R&TTE and RoHS compliant, narrow band, multi-channel modules.
These new modules are form fit and function replacements for Circuit Design’s legacy products and have improved performance, reliability and stability. New TXCO circuits enable the modules to operate at temperatures down to -20°C

RF output complies with the European ISM band RF power limit and the output power is user selectable between 1mW and 10mW. This ensures that the modules are suitable for applications where continuous transmission is necessary in all 32 channels. In order to maintain high reliability and stability even in difficult environments the blocking performance and selectivity of the receiver has been greatly improved to achieve receiver Class 1 classification as defined in EN3000220.

Other features of the CDP modules include Class 1 receiver supported by blocking desensitisation of 84dB (all), adjacent channel selectivity, in band, 60dB (25KHz channel spacing) and adjacent band selectivity 60dB. Operating temperature range is –20 to +60°C, 25KHZ step 32 multi channels, improved shock and vibration performance, custom designed SAW filter using double super heterodyne receiver circuits, improved shielding reduces impact of external RF sources.

Typical applications include industrial monitoring and control systems, communications, alarm and security systems. The Circuit Design modules may be found on the LPRS web site or call 01993 709418 to request a data sheet

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