Improve vehicle data throughput & GPS navigation

12th November 2015
Nat Bowers

Featuring superior port-to-port isolation for excellent signal clarity, Pulse Electronics has announced a combination GPS/multiband vehicle-mount antenna. The GPSMB501 consists of five connectors to access five antennae solutions (two MIMO cellular, two dual-band MIMO WLAN and one for GNSS). An optional magnetic mount base makes this antenna easy to install and remove without drilling a hole in the vehicle.

The Panther GPS multiband antenna improves data throughput and navigation for telematics, infotainment and location-based applications in all types of fleet, public safety, delivery, utility and transit vehicles.

Pulse's multiband antenna delivers over 40dB isolation across WiFi-to-WiFi ports and over 15dB isolation from LTE-to-LTE ports with a VSWR of less than 1.5:1 in LTE bands and 1.4:1 in WiFi bands. Isolation is further enhanced by a GPS low noise amplifier filtered for out-of-band rejection of over 55dB rejection at 1710 and 2170MHz bands and over 75dB rejection at 824 and 960MHz bands.

The Panther series GPSMB501 measures approximately 147x160x75mm. Environmental specifications include IP67 and mil-standard testing for humidity, vibration, thermal shock and accidental drop. The cable length comes standard at 17ft, with either SMA or RPSMA connectors. Cable lengths and connector variations are possible upon request. The GPSMBMM magnetic mount is an optional magnetic mount base configured for ease of use with the GPSMB501.

Olivier Robin, General Manager, Wireless Infrastructure business unit, Pulse Electronics, commented: "Pulse's new Panther series antennas are a premium product and live up to Pulse/Larsen's well-established reputation for quality. Not only does the magnetic base option make installation and removal easy, but this aesthetically pleasing solution combines ideal radiation performance for today's demanding propagation environments with optimum isolation characteristics to ensure the highest data rates and signal integrity possible."

Lead-time for delivery is 6-8 weeks for volume quantities; small quantities are available in stock.

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