ICs target radar and 5G applications

28th January 2016
Mick Elliott

The expanded portfolio of core ICs for commercial AESAs from Anokiwave are now in stock at Richardson Electronics. Anokiwave has added two new devices to complete its family of X-band AESA core IC solutions for commercial radar and 5G communications markets. Each IC architecture in the family includes an integrated 4-channel beamformer, LNA and PA supporting 4 radiating elements.

The ICs feature either a low noise figure or a high input linearity, and they are further divided by dual beam Rx/single beam Tx, or single beam Rx/single beam Tx.

The new AWS-0104 is a single beam Rx, single beam Tx IC with low noise figure, providing 21 dB gain during transmit mode, 21dB gain in receive mode, +15dBm output power during transmit, and 3.4 dB NF during receive.

The new AWS-0105 is a single beam Rx, single beam Tx IC with high input linearity. It provides 21 dB gain and +15dBm output power during transmit mode, and 7dB gain and +7dBm IIP3 during receive mode.

Previously released X-band AESA core IC solutions include the AWS-0101, featuring a low noise figure, dual beam Rx, and single beam Tx, and the AWS-0103, featuring high input linearity, dual beam Rx, and single beam Tx.

Additional features of the entire product family include 6-bit phase and 6-bit gain control with either a low noise figure or high input linearity in Rx mode, gain compensation over temperature, temperature reporting, and fast beam switching using eight on-chip beam weight storage registers.

The devices offer ESD protection on all pins, operation from +1.8V, and 56-lead 7x7 mm PQFN packages for easy installation in planar phased array antennas.

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