HUGIN 200 small networked multichannel receiver solution

20th January 2021
Alex Lynn

Novator Solutions has announced the release of HUGIN 200 a small footprint networked multichannel receiver with four independent 80MHz radios sharing 512 individually configurable digital downconverters, DDCs. 

The Server/Client architecture is optimised for real-time performance which continuously streams individual channelised signals in parallel to multiple remote computers & servers.

HUGIN 200 is optimised to listen to hundreds of narrowband communication signals at a low cost/signal ratio. The large amount of individually configurable DDCs, also known as digital drop receivers, combined with the robust server-client architecture and optional analog demodulation in real-time is optimised for demanding applications such as communication and spectrum surveillance.

HUGIN 200 is a multichannel receiver choice in digital multichannel telemetry systems which are being used for measuring a larger amount of sensors on rotating equipment where wired data transfer is not possible. Typical applications include Aero and Industrial turbine testing.

“Being able to provide 512 channels at a price below 60€ per channel with mid-range analog performance has been a real challenge,” said Henrik Ulfhielm, Managing Director Novator Solutions,

HUGIN 200 is available with 256 DDCs incl. AM, FM, SSB and CW demodulation or optional with 512 DDCs and I/Q data stream. Following DDC parameters can be individually configured: Center frequency, sample rate/bandwidth, Gain, filter, demodulation or I/Q. Each DDC output can be streamed to a specific IP-address for further inline processing. The 4 independent 80 MHz radios can be tuned between 10 MHz to 6 GHz.

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