Huawei selects IDT RapidIO technology for video platform

3rd May 2016
Jordan Mulcare

Integrated Device Technology has announced that electronics giant Huawei has selected IDT’s RapidIO technology to help deliver superior video quality for its video platform. Huawei chose IDT RapidIO for its potent blend of ultra-low latency and scalability, which enable top-shelf high-definition video solutions.

The company has integrated IDT’s RapidIO technology for video processing in multiple generations of products. IDT RapidIO technology is suitable for the data-intensive video system tasks of encoding, decoding, caching, streaming and analytics. Huawei achieved the video performance it needed for its new processing-intensive platform by using multi-core CPUs in a RapidIO-switched network through IDT’s PCIe-to-RapidIO interconnect silicon.

“Applying IDT’s RapidIO interconnect switching and network interface silicon are key elements of ensuring a high-quality high-resolution end user experience in our next-gen video systems,” said Xu Fugang, Project Manager for Huawei’s videoconferencing product line. “We have been using IDT RapidIO products in multiple generations of our product line for their low latency, scalability and overall energy efficiency that is best in class when trying to connect a large number of processors in a system to do real-time image processing and associated computing.”

IDT’s RapidIO interconnect, high-performance timing and memory interface products are optimised for a variety of video system solutions. These include video conferencing, broadcast video, video caching and distribution and video edge analytics, where a combination of low latency, high throughput and optimised system timing are critical to delivering a state-of-the-art solution.

“Our RapidIO products have been designed into multiple applications around the world where low latency and scalability are prerequisites,” said Sean Fan, Vice President and General Manager, IDT’s Interface and Connectivity Division. “Huawei’s new video system is one of many examples of IDT’s success in enabling the video-centric internet and 5G networks.”

IDT has shipped more than 110m ports of RapidIO for use in production systems. IDT recently announced its next-gen RXS RapidIO switch family, of even faster 50Gbps port speeds that can support 600Gbps of switching in a single switch or 4.8Tbps at rack scale

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