High Reliability Wireless Switching Modules

18th January 2006
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Low Power Radio Solutions has announced its CDT-TX-01 transmitter and CDT-RX-01 receiver modules designed for applications requiring wireless transmission of switching signals.
The new modules include six independent switch signal input and output processing circuits. These allow switching signals to be transmitted and received and the direct operation of external actuating components, contactors, relays etc. without the need for any additional circuitry.

To ensure safe and reliable operation, each CDT module has a unique 32-bit ID and the receiver works only with signals from transmitters with a registered ID. A total of up to 100 transmitter IDs can be registered in the receiver.

Even with the statutory regulated 10mW of output power available from the CDT-TX-01, very long range transmission may be achieved due to the use of MSK (Minimum Shift Keying) digital modulation and a high sensitivity receiver. This ensures that the modules communicate reliably even in a weak electric field.

The output ports of the receiver use photo MOSFET technology enabling direct output drive with loading of up to 48VDC at 100mA. In addition, users can select from 4 operation modes (continuous, toggle, switching and one short) depending on the application requirements.

Typical applications include industrial telecontrol, remote control of road signals during hazardous conditions etc. and control of agricultural pumps and hose reels. Full information on the new CDT-TX-01 and CDT-RX-01 wireless switching modules may be found on the LPRS web site or call 01993 709418 to request a data sheet

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