GPU offers smooth UI for space-constrained devices

3rd March 2015
Barney Scott

Imagination Technologies has released an area-optimised PowerVR GPU, designed to drive high-quality graphics with full OpenGL ES 3.0 functionality into low-cost, space-constrained devices. Entry-level smartphones, wearables and IoT devices, as well as dashboard screens in entry-level cars, can use the high-quality, efficient GPU to create compelling GUIs and user experiences.

The PowerVR G6020 GPU has been specially designed for graphics efficiency in ultra-compact silicon area, obtaining better real device performance and compatibility without unnecessary overheads. It is the smallest member of the PowerVR Series6XE family, with four Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) cores and a silicon footprint of 2.2mm2 (28nm process technology at 400MHz). To enable this, the G6020 features an optimised Universal Shading Cluster (USC) engine designed specifically for UI experiences. Specially configured to enable the optimal feature set in the smallest possible area and power envelope, the USC is completely compatible with other Rogue USCs.

Designed to deliver a smooth user experience for high-definition displays (720p at 60fps) the G6020 features OpenGL ES 3.0 capability, providing the optimal feature set needed to meet next-gen requirements for a range of devices. PowerVR is suitable for mobile and embedded applications, as its programmable shader-based Tile Based Deferred Rendering (TBDR) architecture leads to high performance efficiency and the lowest power consumption per frame.

In addition, PowerVR maximises bandwidth efficiency with Imagination’s advanced PVRTC2 texture compression technology that also ensures minimum memory footprint and superior image quality.

Designed to support Android, Android Wear, Linux and RTOS, the G6020 is a key member of the Rogue product line-up that features an OpenGL ES 3.0 feature set and compatibility across the range for easy software development, enabling customers to build an entire product line based on Rogue from the entry level to the high end.

“PowerVR GPUs are widely known to be the most efficient solutions matching true mobile and embedded market requirements,” said Kristof Beets, Director of Business Development, ImgTec. “With the G6020, we are setting a benchmark for very small, low-power, feature-rich GPUs, and further extending the breadth of our portfolio of PowerVR Series6XE/XT GPUs. The G6020 ensures that even the most size and cost conscious applications can use the world’s best graphics processors, opening up opportunities for an even broader range of products needing smooth graphics-rich UIs at aggressive price points. Our growing range of entry-level Series6XE GPUs complements our recently announced Series7 GPUs, which scale from 16 to 512 cores, ensuring our PowerVR GPU line-up addresses the broadest possible range of applications and cost/performance points.

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