GL Enhances ML PPP & PPP Analysis & Emulation

16th July 2010
ES Admin
GL Communications Inc., announced today the enhanced ML PPP Analyzer and MC ML PPP Emulator protocol tools that emulate and analyze Point-to-Point (PPP), Multi Link Point to Point (ML PPP), and Multi Class ML PPP protocols. Speaking to newsmen, Mr. Karthik Ramalingam, Project Manager at GL, said,” The ML PPP Analyzer captures PPP protocols exchanged between the two nodes over T1 E1 links & provides detailed analysis, which includes distribution of protocols, protocol fields, frame lengths and frame status. The ML PPP Analyzer has the ability to decode PPP, ML PPP and MC-ML PPP packets.
Enhanced ML PPP Analyzer with Packet Data Analyzer (PDA) is a real-time IP and VoIP analyzer that non-intrusively analyzes and captures live IP traffic, and segregates them into SIP / H323 / Megaco / MGCP calls. It also collects statistics, CDRs, detailed protocol traces, ladder diagrams, and a host of other useful information about VoIP calls. Its real-time nature makes it an outstanding tool for live monitoring of VoIP traffic as well as long-term traffic statistics gathering. It can also monitor, report, analyze, and capture calls for infinite time, limited only by the finite space of your hard disk or network hard drive! ”.

He added, “GL's flexible and versatile MC ML PPP Emulator is both GUI and script based. The application has been added with Multiplexing feature that sends multiple PPP encapsulated packets in a single PPP Multiplexed frame, and each PPP encapsulated frame within a multiplexed frame is called a PPP sub-frame. And sub-frames are concatenated to a make a single PPP multiplexed frame by inserting a delimiter before the beginning of each sub-frame, and as a result, the PPP encapsulation overhead per packet is reduced.

The MC ML PPP Emulator now supports RTP compression, and during NCP negotiation phase of PPP, RTP compression sub-option is used to enable the RTP compression, and once RTP compression sub-option is negotiated, IP/UDP/RTP compression will be enabled conforming to RFC 2508”.

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