GL Enhances TDM, Packet & Wireless Protocol Analyzers

13th September 2010
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GL Communications Inc. announced today the release of its enhanced ISDN, GSM, PPP and SS1 Protocol Analyzers. Speaking to news persons, Mr. Vijay Kulkarni, CEO of the company said, “GL carries the widest array of protocol analyzers for TDM, Wireless, and Packet networks.
Based on a uniform architecture with identical features and functions, they can be used flexibly for a wide variety of tasks, including

* as independent standalone units for simple interface analysis
* as remote or offline analyzers
* as probes integrated with network surveillance systems
* as network elements for advanced traffic collection and processing

Typical examples include, continuous recording of protocol exchange on an ISDN interface, limited only by hard disk or network storage space; or triggering, collecting and filtering for unique subscriber information and relaying such information to a back end processor; or collecting CDR information for billing”.

He added, “GL's ISDN Analyzer can capture and analyze all frames on an ISDN PRI link. It decodes LAPD according to Q.921, while, the ISDN Layer 3 information parsing is done based on the user's selection of the ISDN variants. The analyzer now supports the new protocol standard for QSIG-ECMA (Standard ECMA-143 4th Edition - December 2001).

The GSM Analyzer is used to view and analyze GSM protocols using GL's field proven Ultra E1 or Ultra T1 internal cards or Laptop E1 or T1 portable external products. The Analyzer enhanced to support: Group Call Control (GCC) protocol (Specification - 3GPP TS 44.068 V9.0.0) is implemented to support VGCS (Voice Group Call Service) feature for GSM-R (Global System for Mobile Communications - Railway). And Broadcast Call Control (BCC) protocol (Specification - 3GPP TS 44.069 V9.0.0) is implemented to support VBS (Voice Broadcast Service) feature for GSM-R (Global System for Mobile Communications - Railway).

The ML PPP Analyzer can be used to capture and decode a host of PPP protocols exchanged between pairs of nodes over T1 E1 links. It provides useful analysis of the PPP, ML PPP, and MC ML PPP protocols which includes distribution of protocols, protocol fields, frame lengths and frame status. The analyzer is now includes VoIP Packet Data Analysis to analyze VoIP calls transported by TDM lines. It has also been enhanced with new decodes to support Compressed RTP and Multiplexed PPP.

Our SS1 Analyzer detects and analyzes tone sequences that make up SS1 dial digits. Sequences of pulse and guard tones are detected, decoded, and assembled into their corresponding dial digits”.

Mr.Kulkarni further added, “The enhancements introduced to our protocol analyzers better serve the needs of user community in ever growing telecom transmission complexities and advancements”.

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