FPGA board support packages greatly simplify application development

18th August 2016
Daisy Stapley-Bunten

Designer and manufacturer of Altera-based FPGA platforms, BittWare, has announced at the Intel SoC FPGA Developer Forum 2016 (ISDF16) the availability of Arria 10 FPGA Board Support Packages (BSPs) for Altera's recently released OpenCL SDK 16.0.2, including support for production silicon. BittWare's OpenCL BSPs allow customers to quickly begin developing applications for the Altera Arria 10 1150GX FPGA using OpenCL.

OpenCL dramatically simplifies FPGA development by enabling designers to code their systems and algorithms in a high-level C-based framework, directly generating FPGA programming files from a pure software development flow. FPGAs can greatly improve speed and responsiveness for many applications, including those in data centre, defence/aerospace, communications, high end instrumentation, life sciences, and financial. BittWare offers BSP variants to support High Performance Computing (HPC) as well as Network Processing applications.

"We've worked closely with Altera to ensure that our OpenCL BSPs provide the best quality results possible," said Chad Hamilton, VP of IP, Software and Support. "For those customers who prefer to code in a C-based framework, our OpenCL BSPs provide the tools necessary to get them up and running quickly and efficiently."

Board support package details
BittWare 's Arria 10 BSPs currently target acceleration applications such as machine learning. The High Performance Computing (HPC) BSP is the traditional OpenCL model, using a host that passes data to the accelerator system over PCI Express (PCIe). This BSP platform is the standard platform for OpenCL accelerators. BittWare can also provide custom BSPs specifically tailored to customers' requirements.

Additional OpenCL development resources
To help developers get started with OpenCL development, BittWare also offers an OpenCL Developer's Bundle, which includes a low-profile Arria 10 1150GX FPGA-based PCIe board, BittWare's BittWorks Lite II software tools, Altera's OpenCL SDK, and Altera's Quartus II. The Developer's Bundle is also available with a Stratix V board.

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