Embedded computer powered by quad core ATOM processor

10th August 2015
Nat Bowers

Powered by the latest Intel ATOM processor, the quad core E3845, the Impact-D 100 has been designed and manufactured in the UK by Amplicon. The manufacturer has carefully chosen the components and CPU family to ensure optimal performance vs. heat and power consumption, this ensures the system will operate and control your application 24/7 with many years of maintenance free running.

The Intel ATOM E3845 processor allows for advanced technologies to be incorporated into this tiny unit. Technologies such as Intel Gen.7 graphics engine, Burst Technology 2.0, dynamic power sharing and quad-core power with 64-bit OS compatibility are standard.

The Intel Gen.7 graphics engine is the 7th release, which brings advanced graphics bursts, OpenGL ES 3.3 and hardware video codec acceleration including H.264, MPEG2 and MVC, all in resolutions of up to 2560x1600 with a GPU shader capable of up to 8 gigaflops.

The ATOM quad-core technology supports 4 cores/4 threads with 2MB of L2 Cache. This makes the device run faster and more responsive by allowing multiple applications and services run at the same time.

The Impact-D 100 integrates advanced technologies, while still offering support for legacy serial communication protocols. The unit houses four DB9 connectors for serial communications: COM1, 3, and 4 supports RS232, while COM2 supports RS232, 422 and 485.

With a compact design, rich legacy support and new technology, wide power input of 9-36VDC and support for WiFi and Cellular connections, the Impact-D 100 is a versatile and adaptive unit suited for many applications.

Gavin Chalkley, Industrial Computing Product Specialist at Amplicon: “The Impact-D 100 utilises the cutting edge Intel technology while retaining the legacy support and rugged design know and expected from Amplicon. This unit offers OEM branding options and customisable operating systems to give you the customer, a full branded experience.”

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