Embedded antennas provide greater range and connectivity

5th August 2016
Daisy Stapley-Bunten

A new high performance antenna technologies and systems for a wide variety of applications including both indoor and outdoor WiFi, connected home, mobile computing, telematics and IoT applications. Antenna Company’s patented SuperShape technology improves gain, efficiency, isolation and coverage versus conventional embedded antenna designs on the market. 

Independent benchmark tests have shown SuperShape antennas to increase range and throughput by 50-100% in both line of sight and non-line of sight test conditions.

Using Antenna Company’s proprietary dielectric resonator design approach, the shape and size of the antennas can be tailored to meet custom demands of performance, system integration and cost.

For indoor WiFi applications, high performance antennas provide superior radiation characteristics with greater efficiency and gain compared to conventional antennas. Antenna Company offers optimized dual-band and single band antenna systems for compact, embedded designs which require high levels of isolation between multiple antennas. Optimised reference designs are available for 802.11ac MIMO or Multi-User MIMO system configurations ranging from 2x2 up to 8x8, delivering gigabit wireless performance.

For outdoor WiFi applications, the Antenna Company’s SuperShape directional WiFi antennas enable compact, high gain, high performance antenna arrays designed for harsh outdoor conditions – while outperforming larger micro-strip array solutions. Antenna Company’s outdoor products are well-suited for wireless backhaul, high density metropolitan, and stadium deployments as well as 3G/4G network offload applications.

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For smart home and connected home applications, Antenna Company has developed embedded low-loss antenna designs for integration into set top box and other connected home devices, extending the reach of streaming HD content throughout the home. Solutions for low data rate sensor applications are also available to provide connectivity for IoT devices requiring extended range, low battery life and small form factor. Antenna Company has also developed compact designs optimised for use in laptop computers and other mobile computing devices. In addition to improvement in MIMO WiFi performance, these new antenna designs can be 40% smaller than competing designs which frees up space for integration of other wireless technologies, such as LTE or 60GHz.

Lastly, Antenna Company has developed extremely robust multi-band antenna solutions for telematics applications which require global satellite tracking and cellular connectivity. “Antenna Company has re-energized the field of antenna technology, enabling meaningful improvements in real world performance through our use of proprietary materials and patented design methodology,” says David Favreau, CEO of the Antenna Company. “Our SuperShape antennas are optimised for system-level performance and can be applied over a wide frequency range to boost the performance of both existing and emerging wireless technologies.”

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