EdgeUno embraces open trend with Smartoptics 400G upgrade

31st May 2023
Kristian McCann

Smartoptics has announced that EdgeUno has chosen Smartoptics for 400G DWDM. The Smartoptics solution interconnects three data centres in Colombia that provide edge services.

EdgeUno is a cloud, edge and connectivity services provider with one of the largest networks in the Latin America region. With more than 47 data centres in 12 countries, EdgeUno is a regional trend setter for both the customer experience (CX) and network design. To meet growing bandwidth needs, EdgeUno sought a cost-effective 400ZR solution for increasing DCI capacity.

The Smartoptics DCP-404 muxponder was chosen for its flexible ways of deploying 400ZR. These include QSFP-DD support and the ability to multiplex 4x100GBE in a transparent manner. The DCP-404 is deployed to interconnect three data centres providing edge services in the capital of Colombia, Bogota.

“We see an increasingly strong trend towards modular 400ZR and future 800ZR DCI solutions. This demands more open systems and Smartoptics has an offering that is a great fit. We were impressed with the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the DCP-404, and the setup was entirely plug-and-play. Compared to industry standards, Smartoptics also did a great job on the lead time. I wholeheartedly recommend that other data center operators seriously consider the great benefits of leveraging open solutions with 400ZR QSFP-DD modules. The DCP-404 is a shining example that is not only cost-effective but also offers scalability and future-proofing for growing network needs,” says Tiago Setti, Director of Network Engineering, EdgeUno.

Following the initial deployment at the three Colombian data centres, EdgeUno is planning to scale the solution to additional locations, including Brazil. This is a part of the process of bringing competitive and reliable 400G-backed services to customers throughout LATAM.

“We greatly respect the network expertise of the whole EdgeUno organisation. They are well positioned to identify the best solution for a specific need. We are proud to see this step-up in our collaboration with an industry leader in a growing region. Advocating for open solutions and delivering excellent customer experiences, service and support are just a few of the several strengths and values we share,” says Armando, Carmona, Business development director LATAM, Smartoptics.

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