EBV Elektronik announces support for Arm's Cassini Project

22nd November 2021
Sam Holland

EBV Elektronik has announced its full support for Arm in its efforts to bring a cloud-native experience to the edge through Project Cassini, the company's high-profile cross-platform initiative.

It's becoming increasingly clear that deploying compute resources at the edge, rather than in centralised data centres, will be of significant value in the future. By having these resources in close proximity to one's applications, the user can achieve low-latency responsiveness and avoid network congestion.

However, the diversity of hardware is a major obstacle – especially when it comes to making all systems interact effectively. It is therefore necessary to find a way to successfully manage the large-scale edge computing resources distributed on various platforms, so that no potential fragmentation problems arise. Everything must be done while maintaining the highest levels of security.

Through the Cassini Project, Arm and technology partners, such as EBV, have been able to build a multifaceted ecosystem that will facilitate software development for edge infrastructure. The initiative is based on the creation of a complete standardised structure, as well as the use of advanced security application programming interfaces that are independent of architecture and cloud-native stacks applicable to different hardware platforms based on Arm.

Implementation times can be greatly accelerated while associated operational expenses are minimised. Users can also benefit from access to a wide range of open source reference solutions that will provide the starting points for their implementations.

"Arm's Cassini project will enable the simplification of edge application software development, setting robust standards and providing cloud-native software stacks that will result in unprecedented interoperability, across a broad spectrum of diverse hardware systems," said Antonio Fernandez, Vice President of Technical Development at EBV Elektronik. "Edge computing will be an essential element for the use of IoT at scale, but major security and technological fragmentation challenges must be overcome."

EBV, with its Avnet subsidiaries (Avnet Embedded and Witekio), has contributed to this initiative and will assist designers who want to integrate Project Cassini technology into their products through the establishment of a centre of excellence that will be able to render the overall compliance process more manageable.

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