Dual-mode Bluetooth device for POS and medical devices

20th April 2017
Alice Matthews

Flexible and robust with added security features, Texas Instruments' newest, dual-mode Bluetooth device has been introduced. The CC2564C with Bluetooth 4.2 is a suitable solution for Point Of Sale (POS), medical and wearable devices. The CC2564C updated design features the advanced Bluetooth LE secure connection pairing. This foundation enables pairing using the Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman (ECDH) public key cryptography algorithm.

The use of the ECDH keys provides much stronger security against passive eavesdropping and MIMT attacks. As a result, this feature enables higher level of security for connection authorisation.

Link layer topology
Includes Bluetooth 4.1 scatternet capabilities, allowing sensor network topology with concurrent LE sensor and peripheral roles. This feature allows LE simultaneous TX and RX, connecting up to ten Bluetooth low energy or Bluetooth classic devices while consuming lower amounts of energy overall. 

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