Don't use cables with too large a cross-section

19th November 2014
Nat Bowers

Expanding its RADOX family of shielded power and battery cables, HUBER+SUHNER has introduced cables with cross-sections of 8, 12, 20, 30, 40 and 60mm2. This makes HUBER+SUHNER one of the first manufacturers to offer the entire cross-section set from 1.5 up to 150mm2. Not being forced to use cables with a larger than needed cross-section, users can now save crucial space, weight and cost.

The ISO 6722 compliant shielded power cables are suited for high-voltage applications in EVs and HEVs where particularly high currents flow. Engine compartment environments often feature temperatures ranging from -70 to +200°C with wiring installations being exposed to fluids including diesel and petrol, oils, battery acids, salt water and cleaning agents, as well as humidity.

Electron-beam cross-linked insulation guarantees durable and safe connections for the RADOX high-voltage cables, which are designed for high and low temperatures. They feature excellent abrasion resistance and are also resistant to weathering, ozone, moisture and chemicals. The cable shielding also prevents interference with the sensors and electronics within the vehicle space.

The cables are very easy to strip, making them suited for automatic processing where it is important that the cable can be cut to size quickly with a low error rate.

HUBER+SUHNER also offers the entire product family as unshielded versions.

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