Digital AM/FM radio receiver chipset for use in automotive applications

10th July 2006
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STMicroelectronics has announced that it is sampling a new digital AM/FM radio receiver chipset for use in automotive applications. Sophisticated digital signal processing techniques allow the chipset to feature excellent reception quality while reducing interference even in presence of challenging signal conditions such as weak field and strong multipath (reflection from mountains and buildings).
Jointly developed by ST and Bosch’s subsidiary Blaupunkt, this advanced digital receiver integrates audio signal processing and Radio Data System (RDS) decoding, thus satisfying the demanding needs of today’s mid- and high-end car radios for world-class quality, high performance, and system cost optimization.

The new chipset includes two TDA7528 Radio Frequency (RF) front-end ICs and one STA3005 Digital Signal Processor (DSP) back-end IC. The solution tunes to all current analog radio services worldwide (AM, FM and US Weather band) as well as to the recently introduced digital broadcasts (Digital Audio Broadcasting, Digital Radio Mondiale, HD radio), providing suitable interfaces to external decoders.

An advanced digital audio processor, powered by an ST’s proprietary DSP core, greatly enhances the system’s flexibility and efficiency meeting all the needs of in-vehicle sound processing and equalization. Additionally, an embedded ARM7 microcontroller supervises all the internal peripherals, reducing the workload and software complexity of the car radio’s main microprocessor, and fully supporting RDS management – a must-have of today’s car-radios.

“The introduction of this new chipset completes the ST’s AM/FM tuner product portfolio with state-of-the art digital technology and performance. The system is the first member of a new digital tuner family that will cover the full range of application needs, from mid- to high-end car radios, further consolidating ST’s leadership role in this market segment,” said Domenico Rossi, General Manager Car-Radio and Multimedia Division of ST’s Automotive Product Group.

The TDA7528 and STA3005 are supplied in LQFP64 (10x10) and TQFP144 (20x20) ECOPACK® packages, respectively. Samples of the chipset are available now and volume production is scheduled for the second quarter of 2007.

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