Dielectric resonator antenna array for 5G mmWave applications

12th December 2019
Alex Lynn

Antenna Company has showcased a 5G dielectric resonator phased antenna array designed specifically for 5G mmWave applications. The 64-antenna DRA combines patented Antenna Company’s SuperShape and DRA technology to achieve wide-band operation over the 24 to 30GHz frequency bands.

The mmWave DRA array demonstrates reduced scanning losses, lower sidelobe levels and greater maximum scan angle compared to a conventional patch array using the same configuration and inter-element separation. The improvements in scanning performance enable better coverage over the usable frequency band.

The Antenna Company design achieves over 40 dBm of peak EIRP, which is ideal for use in customer-premise-equipment (CPE) products. The design is scalable to support 37 to 40GHz frequency bands for global band support across the mm-wave spectrum.

“Antenna Company is excited to announce this breakthrough in mm-wave antenna performance”, said company CEO, David Favreau.

“With the roll-out of 5G services worldwide, antenna performance is mission-critical for achieving reliable coverage,” added Joe Madden, Chief Analyst at Mobile Experts. “The market for CPE products which can benefit from Antenna Company’s solution is growing rapidly and is expected to reach 8M-units by 2023.”

The production version of the design, featuring 64 dual-polarisation antenna elements, 5G NR radio transceiver, RF front-end, and support for beam-steering and beam-forming is planned to be released in 2H-2020.

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