Real-time & Reliable Serial to Ethernet Communication in Industrial Networks through Comtrol’s DeviceMaster RTS VDC 1-port DB9

1st June 2012
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Korenix offers Comtrol’s single-port industrial device server, the DeviceMaster RTS VDC 1-Port DB9 which is designed with software selectable RS-232/422/485 serial interface for enabling serial communication in industrial networks.
The supported Windows native COM or Linux TTY in addition to the easy manageable web-based configuration broadens the usage of the devices in industrial deployments while the PortVision Plus monitoring and management software enables users to automatically monitor them from remote locations. The NEMA TS2 certified device with -37° to +74°C wide operating temperature range, vibration and shock resistance further ensures the stable operation of the devices and provides reliable data communication under harsh roadside environments, stations, outdoor installations etc...

Major features of the DeviceMaster RTS VDC 1-port DB9 are:

Software Selectable Serial Interface
DeviceMaster RTS 1-port is designed with 1 serial port that supports RS-232/422/485 and is software selectable for offering users simplified setup. Besides it provides unlimited serial cable distance, which enables communication between a host PC and serial devices located anywhere across an Ethernet network.

Windows / Linux platform for wider compatibility
Regardless of the Windows or Linux operating system running on your PC’s platform, DeviceMaster NS-Link driver is supportable. The uploaded NS-Link firmware on the DM enables placement of native COM port on Windows XP/Server 2008/Vista/7 as well as TTY port on Linux kernel to widely extend serial connectivity and compatibility.

SSL & SSH encryption for Enhanced Security
Through the supported data encryption and SSL/SSH secure configuration modes the DeviceMaster RTS 1-port provides maximum security and safe access for enabling reliable serial to Ethernet communications in sensitive data-requiring applications.

PortVision Plus Monitoring & Management Software
The PortVision Plus is designed to automatically monitor devices on the network and enables user to view status, update firmware and resolve issues remotely. Moreover, with real-time e-mail event notification administrator can get alerts of potential connection and security issues, and provide fast network maintenance.

NEMA TS2 certified with wide operating temperature
To resist harsh roadside environment for Intelligent Transportation Systems, DeviceMaster RTS 1-port meets all requirements imposed by the NEMA TS2 standard, such as extreme operating voltage and humidity fluctuations, vibration and shock. Moreover, with wide operating temperature (-37 ~ +74°C) they can be installed virtually in any industrial location.

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