Delkin Devices Announces Industrial mSATA Solid State Drive

24th January 2013
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Delkin Devices announces the availability of industrial-grade mSATA drives, the latest in embedded flash modules. mSATA, or mini-SATA, utilizes the SATA 2.0 interface in a form factor that is 87% smaller and 90% lighter than a 2.5” solid state drive. mSATA retains the advantages of an SSD over a traditional hard disk drive, including faster random access, silent operation, low power consumption and no moving parts, with the added benefit of flexible mechanical integration.
The mini-SATA module is easily incorporated into single-board computers and other embedded applications, utilizing a 52 pin mini-PCIe connector, and is capable of fixed mounting.

Delkin’s mSATA is available in both single-level cell and multi-level cell flash variations. SLC is ideal where faster read/write speeds, greater endurance and extended temperature ranges are required. SLC offers read speeds up to 230MB/s, write speeds up to 170MB/s and over 2 million write/erase cycles. SLC mSATA drives are available in capacities up to 32GB, in Industrial (-10 to +85°C) and Extended (-40 to +85°C) temperature ranges. MLC is an economical option for less extreme operating environments, offered in capacities up to 64GB for 0 to +70°C operating temperatures.

“The addition of mSATA to our industrial SSD line allows designers to take advantage of SATA interface speeds in a small, light, easily integrated form factor,” stated Delkin CEO Martin Wood. “Delkin’s mSATA is ideal for portable devices, embedded systems and other applications with limited real estate reserved for storage, but requiring the ruggedness to function reliably in extreme environments,” he added.

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