Cyber security solution for connected and automated vehicles

10th October 2019
Alex Lynn

C2A Security has announced a comprehensive automotive security solution, developed in collaboration with NXP, utilising NXP Semiconductors’ secure CAN (Controller Area Network) transceivers. Designed to provide protection to help automotive OEMs get the upper hand on some of the most sophisticated cyber attacks, the solution combines C2A´s cyber security software and NXP´s secure CAN transceivers. 

Working in collaboration with NXP Semiconductors, the teams identified possible CAN bus-related attack vectors for perimeter devices which resulted in a new software-hardware solution. The combined solution allows OEMs to leverage both the software and hardware security capabilities of C2A and NXP to cover attack vectors that were previously difficult or impossible to address.

This new synergetic solution consists of:

  • NXP's Secure CAN Transceiver, which helps detect and prevent malicious activity on the vehicles CAN bus.
  • C2A’s Stamper, a decentralised firewall for the CAN bus, which adds a patented security layer for CAN bus communication.
  • C2A’s SecMon Intrusion Detection and Prevention Software (IDPS), which detects potentially malicious activity by combining deterministic and machine learning capabilities, and then uses state-of-the-art in-vehicle SOC to enable an appropriate response.

It is critical that OEMs have the ability to provide an optimal defence against cyber threats. The synergetic C2A/NXP solution enables automotive manufacturers to provide a high level of protection from CAN bus cyber attacks, especially on the perimeter where the attack surface is the largest.

"C2A is looking to provide the automotive industry with comprehensive security solutions, covering all relevant attack vectors," said Nathaniel Meron, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at C2A Security. "Our solution approach to security with NXP is vital for manufacturers to ensure their passengers’ safety.”

Timo van Roermund, Head of Automotive Security at NXP, said: "NXP's secure CAN Transceiver is a robust hardware complement to C2A software solutions, one that aims to deliver a powerful security solution for increasingly connected cars."

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