Compact UHF transmitter and receiver

24th January 2023
Sheryl Miles

Circuit Design, supplier of low power radio modules, announces the release of 869 MHz models of the compact UHF transmitter (CDP-TX-07MP) and receiver (CDP-RX-07MP).

The compact narrow band radio module CDP series has been highly regarded since the first-generation model for industrial radio applications, including remote control, and is a long-selling model that has been supplied for over 20 years.

It is a simple, high-quality radio module that without having an embedded communication protocol, allows radio communication using user-specific protocols.

The CDP series provides stable communication even in poor radio communication environments, thanks to narrow band communication and a receiver with high selectivity and blocking performance.

The CDP-07 model is the most compact model in the series. It is pin compatible and communication compatible with the previous models CDP-TX-05M-R / CDP-RX-05M-R. The smaller size and lower profile of the internal components have resulted in a 25% reduction in transmitter volume (compared with previous models).

These new 869 MHz versions have been added in addition to the previously released 434 MHz versions.

CDP-07MP models can have their pre-set frequency channel tables rewritten by a dedicated configuration program. In the 869 MHz versions, you can select and set 4 channels from among the 155 channels (in 12.5kHz steps) from SRD 868 to 870 MHz.

The required frequency can be selected in the 869MHz band where sub-bands are specified by the application. The four pre-set channels can be selected from either solder jumpers or pins on the board.

Circuit Design maintains the interface while updating the internal radio circuitry and electronic components to ensure the long-term stable supply required for industrial equipment.

Sales will begin in March 2023.

CDP-TX-07MP / CDP-RX-07MP 869MHz features are described below.


  • CE/UKCA compliant
  • Compact and lightweight: Transmitter 22 x 12 x 4.5mm 3g, Receiver 36 x 26 x 8mm 13g
  • 4 RF channels - Narrow band FM 25kHz channel space 
  • Any 4 channels can be pre-set from the 155 channels in the 868-870MHz band (MP model only)
  • Double super heterodyne receiver: High receiving sensitivity / High selectivity and blocking performance
  • Transparent data interface
  • Simple interface, allowing the use of user-specific protocols
  • Operating voltage: TX 2.2 - 5.5V, 18mA RX 3 - 14V, 23mA
  • Operating temperature range: -20 to +65°C
  • Made in Japan


  • Industrial remote control
  • Telemetry and monitoring systems
  • Alarm systems



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