Compact mini-module enables secure data communication

15th November 2016
Alice Matthews

A mini-module based on the QorIQ LS102xA Layerscape processor range from NXP Semiconductors has been introduced by TQ. According to TQ, the TQMLS102xA is currently the smallest module on the market featuring this technology and also has high speed interfaces and low power dissipation. This opens up possibilities of secure data communication.

The TQMLS102xA is equipped with an ARM Dual Cortex-A7 CPU with ECC-protected L1 and L2 cache and measures 54x44mm2, which represents an innovation in Layerscape technology. The module has been designed to meet the demands of customers, who not only want to achieve a secure and speedy data transfer in real time, but who also need to pay attention to energy efficiency. The optimum connection of the ARM Dual Cortex-A7 core to the communication unit from the QorIQ range from NXP creates a suitable platform to meet the highest demands.

Applications can be implemented which not only require low power consumption, but also provide secure and speedy data communication. Displays can also be connected to the integrated graphics.

The embedded module with an average power consumption of 3-5 W is useful for applications in the sectors of network technology, industrial control systems, M2M and Internet of Things (IoT) gateways. All signals of the TQMLS102xA that can be used externally, are available via industry-compatible connectors on a 0.8mm grid, which have been tried and tested at TQ for more than 15 years.

A Linux BSP with real-time support has been developed for the specific module and motherboard interfaces. For this module, a QNX BSP is now available with a wide performance range. This enables applications to be implemented in the field of safety and security.

In consideration of the tasks to be carried out, how and in which fields a system must be made secure, QNX offers support for a variety of certifications, such as standardisation processes in the market segments of medicine, industry, rail, automotive, right through to military applications.

With this module, TQ has included the Layerscape CPU architecture in its product range. 

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