CML Microcircuits introduced a new umbrella family of digital voice products to its product portfolio

8th August 2011
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Consisting of a wide range of flexible technologies, DuraTALK products support voice-data generation, coding, transcoding, decoding, storage and scrambling functions for digital communication systems.
The DuraTALK family currently consists of the following technologies


A CML owned low bit rate (2400bps) vocoder technology that facilitates the transmission and reception of highly compressed voice over inherently noisy narrowband radio channels. RALCWI offers flexible, highly integrated, high performance vocoders, with near toll-quality voice at very low bit rates.

RALCWI is positioned to be the lowest cost option available on the market for low bit rate vocoder technology.

CML's CMX608, CMX618 and CMX638 RALCWI ICs all boast this market leading technology.

RALCWI in digital PMR

Seen as the digital successor to PMR446, digital PMR is now a proven technology targeting highly functional solutions by using low cost and low complexity technology. dPMR is a narrowband (6,25 kHz) FDMA technology that is 100% digital and offers many forms of voice and/or data applications. RALCWI in digital PMR will provide savings in cost, size and power consumption.

CML's new CMX8341 digital PMR baseband processor system-in-a-chip device is a ready made solution aimed at low cost, licence free digital PMR (dPMR) radios conforming to the ETSI standard, TS 102 490, and analogue PMR (legacy mode).


Flexible coders and decoders for analogue-to-digital and digital-to-analogue voiceband conversion.

The CMX639 and CMX649 address this market segment, providing robust and flexible coding algorithms, low cost, very low power and small size, ideal for use in a wide variety of consumer, Military and business digital voice applications.


A single chip G.711/G.729A/CVSD full duplex multi-transcoder device, capable of encoding analogue voice into linear, µ-law or A-law PCM, CVSD or G.729A data formats. It is capable of decoding PCM, CVSD and G.729A back to analogue voice. It can also transcode data between PCM, CVSD and G.729A.

The CMX7261 Multi-Transcoder is an incredibly flexible IC that creates toll quality speech for a great number of applications without sacrificing performance. Ideally suited for use in software-defined radio (SDR), voice-over IP (VoIP) applications, wireless private branch exchange (PBX) and privacy type digital voice communications.

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