Chipset removes need for multiple remote controls

26th September 2014
Siobhan O'Gorman

Collaborating with Universal Electronics (UEI), CSR is integrating IR setup and control functionality to remote controls based on it's µEnergy Bluetooth Smart platforms. Featuring UEI’s QuickSetIR command upload capability, the CSR1011 chipset allows manufacturers to produce remote controls that have a long battery life and are compatible with their existing AV products. The chipset, therefore, removes the need for multiple remote controls.

With the chipset, end TV and set-top box suppliers can take advantage of UEI’s device control database of entertainment devices, which gives users access to many of the control functions for entertainment electronics devices. While the chipset emulates an IR device, it also enables a Bluetooth Smart remote control. Due to the integrated IR LEDs, the CSR1011 can operate with the QuickSet application to detect, identify and control compatible devices traditionally operated via IR remotes with minimal user setup. UEI's QuickSet removes OEMs' need to purchase secondary IR blasters as it allows them to achieve a lower BOM, reduced complexity and engineering time.

“Most consumers have a variety of remote controls in their homes that utilise Infra-Red LED technology to operate products that they have accumulated over time such as digital media players and sound systems,” says Anthony Murray, Senior Vice President, Business Group, CSR. “Working with UEI, CSR offers customers an important competitive differentiator for their remotes and a ‘best of both worlds’ solution. Consumers can control all of their existing devices with a single remote; gain the low power benefits, increase responsiveness, and interoperability enabled by Bluetooth Smart; and establish a gateway to additional Internet of Things devices.”

“Bluetooth Smart connectivity enables a growing ecosystem of devices interacting with TVs and set-top boxes, ranging from intelligent remote controls to smartphones and wearables,” remarked Arsham Hatambeiki, Vice President, Corporate Product Strategy, UEI. “The native integration of QuickSet with the CSR1011 Bluetooth Smart chip enables automatic and seamless universal control of AV equipment as well as a range of new applications and accessories around the home while reducing the cost and time to market for smart remote controls.”

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