Bluetooth solution puts smartphones at the centre of the IoT

13th August 2014
Nat Bowers

CSR has introduced a Bluetooth Smart solution which allows an almost unlimited number of Bluetooth Smart enabled devices to be networked together and controlled directly from a single smartphone, tablet or PC. Optimised for smart home and IoT applications, CSR Mesh will allow consumers to control any Bluetooth Smart enabled device in the home from wherever they are, including lighting, heating, appliances and security systems.

Combining a configuration and control protocol with CSR Bluetooth Smart devices, such as the CSR101x and CSR8811, CSR Mesh does not require complex setup, pairing or use of an access device such as a router.

The protocol uses Bluetooth Smart to send messages to other Bluetooth Smart devices in the network, which in turn send them onward. CSR Mesh allows messages to be addressed to individual devices or groups of devices (devices can also belong to more than one group). Control is enabled via standard Bluetooth Smart enabled appliances such as light switches or via smartphones or tablets.

Anthony Murray, Senior Vice President, Business Group, CSR, comments: “Unlike other home automation connectivity solutions, such as Zigbee or Z-Wave, CSR Mesh ensures direct control from mobile devices anywhere in the home, because it doesn’t have a limited range or require a hub. CSR is committed to driving Internet of Things innovation. We believe this Bluetooth Smart solution will be a real game changer for developers because it means they don’t have to turn to proprietary solutions or add anything else to create products that give consumers what they want - complete home automation they can control from anywhere that ‘just works’."

"As well as allowing control from a smartphone, CSR Mesh will give developers the opportunity to build intelligence into the network so devices can communicate directly with one another," Murray added. "This will truly enable the future of the Internet of Things, meaning a consumer can automate their home so their lights come on when they enter a room, for example.”

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