BLE ICs reduce current by 46% over previous products

14th July 2016
Nat Bowers

Toshiba Electronics Europe has announced three ICs that support BLE version 4.1 communications, the TC35678FSG, TC35678FXG and TC35679FSG. Achieving class-leading low current consumption, the ICs are suited for use in Bluetooth Smart devices including wearable technology, medical equipment, smartphone accessories, remote controls and a wide variety of emerging IoT solutions.

Adoption of a highly efficient DC/DC converter and a low-power circuit design permit a current reduction of nearly 46% when compared to previous products, such as the TC35667FTG. At a 3V voltage supply, the ICs achieve peak current consumption of 3.6mA, in transmitting mode and 3.3mA in receiver mode. In deep sleep mode, this is reduced to 100nA.

Both the TC35678FXG and TC35678FSG incorporate 256kB of built-in Flash ROM to store user programs and data in stand-alone operations without a need for an external host MCU. Dedicated memory capacity for user programs is now extended from 64kB in previous products to 100kB in both ICs, contributing to greater expansion options for application programs. This built-in Flash ROM eliminates any need for external EEPROM and contributes to reductions in both cost and mounting-area, by reducing the number of external parts.

The TC35678FXG is a repackaged version of the TC35678FSG, in a QFN60 package that extends the number of general purpose IO from 16 to 32. It is suitable for use in equipment such as keyboards and remote controls that require a large number of control pins. In comparison, the TC35679FSG has no built-in Flash ROM and can consequently achieve even lower current operation. It achieves long operating times for applications powered by small coin batteries. For example, using a CR2032 type coin battery, the new IC can carry out beacon operation for over a year (with a 220mAh battery and 2s beacon interval).

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