Bias network offers repeatability over a 2-18GHz range

14th October 2014
Siobhan O'Gorman

The MABT-011000 bias network, suitable for the DC biasing of PIN diode control circuits, has been introduced by M/A-COM Technology. Utilising the company's HMIC process, the fully monolithic network is designed for customers requiring a rugged HMIC device with low loss, high performance and repeatability through millimetre frequencies.

The gold backside metallisation provides RF and DC grounding, while the large vias reduce inductance allowing customers to easily solder down parts.The MABT-011000, which contains a series DC blocking capacitor, operates as both an RF-DC de-coupling network and a DC return.

Suitable for DC voltages up to 50V and DC currents up to 60mA, the MABT-011000 is available in both sample and production quantities.

“The MABT-011000 greatly simplifies bias networks while delivering low loss and high performance, making this a reliable and efficient fully monolithic broadband surface mount bias network for 2-18GHz,” said Paul Wade, Product Manager, MACOM. “Utilising MACOM’s patented HMIC process ruggedises the bias network, which is ideal for the DC biasing of PIN diode control circuits.”

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