New Cordless High-attenuation Headset For Secure Ir Comms System Eliminates Risk Of Snagging In Confined Machinery Spaces

21st September 2011
ES Admin
Link Microtek has launched a new cordless high-attenuation headset for users of its Azdec infra-red mobile communications system, which provides totally secure short-range voice communications for a variety of military and civil applications. Designed to give personnel freedom to roam from their base positions, the Azdec system consists of a compact base station, a number of fixed infra-red antennas and a choice of headsets - including high-attenuation models for use in areas of high acoustic noise.
Whereas the standard Azdec high-attenuation headset uses a short cable to link it to a belt-mounted battery/control pack, the new cordless version incorporates the rechargeable battery and all controls within the headset itself, thereby eliminating both the cable and any risk of snagging on peripheral equipment or fixtures.

The new headset is therefore particularly suitable for use in the confined machinery spaces of ships and submarines, allowing operators to speak to each other or to link into the vessel's main communications system via the Azdec base station.

The low-level infra-red digital encoding technology employed in the Azdec system poses no health or EMC hazard and is completely immune to electromagnetic interference - even severe energy pulses. Since the envelope of reception is well defined and there are no radio-frequency emissions, it is impossible to detect the signals by any conventional method.

The robustly constructed Azdec system is capable of providing multi-channel, full-duplex, wire-free, secure communications for areas of up to 10,000 square metres with none of the drawbacks of RF or other technologies.

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