GE Intelligent Platforms launch the AXISLib-AVX 2.0 used for DSP

22nd July 2013
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AXISLib-AVX 2.0 delivers a suite of more than 600 performance optimized digital and signal processing and math function libraries that deliver world class performance for size, weight and power constrained platforms. Targeted at Intel Core-i7 with Advanced Vector Extensions, AXISLib-AVX extends support beyond the AVX1 256bit floating point unit introduced on 2nd and 3rd generation SKUs, to the latest 4th gen Intel Haswell AVX2 enabled platforms that add fused multiply add and 256 bit wide integer instructions.
AXISLib-AVX helps developers maximize system and application performance while minimizing time-to-solution. It is designed to support the mose advanced real-time embedded signal processing applications such as ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) ansd can operate in a standalone mode or as an integral software module within the AXIS Advanced Multiprocessor Integrates Software environment.

Product Overview:

64bit Operating system support:

- RHEL compatible Linux

- Wind River Systems VxWorks

- Windows 7

Industry standard APIs:

- 600+ library functions

- VSIPL API Core 1.0 + profile

- RSPL - Performance API

- Generic C libraries

- Multicore support

- Error checking, debugging & performance library builds

Performance function sets:

- Scalar operations

- Random number generators

- Vector & matrix operations

- Signal processing

- Linear algebra

- AVX2 support

Portable for latest technology:

- Standard API across multiple processor generations

AXISLib multi-platform support:

- AXISLib-AVX for Intel Core i7

- AXISLib-x86 for 1st gen Core2Duo


- AXISLib-PPC for Freescale Power Architecture

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