Antenna targets smaller WiFi products

26th June 2015
Siobhan O'Gorman


A compact, dual-band antenna for the WiFi 802.11n and ac 2.4-2.5 GHz and 4.9-5.9 GHz bands has been released by Antenova. Mutica is designed to fit within a reduced ground plane on the host PCB, making it suitable for the smaller WiFi products and wireless accessories being created today.

Mutica is an SMD mounted antenna for all dual-band WiFi applications, especially those requiring high speed data transfer and MIMO applications, for example security cameras, video cameras, set-top-boxes and devices for connected vehicles. Its specifications will also suit WiFi access points, portable electronics, headsets, PC cards, games consoles, network devices and wearable electronics.

Antenova takes a unique approach to the design of its antennas, which it calls ‘Design For Integration’ (DFI). Because the antennas are always embedded within a customer’s product, Antenova designs them so that the RF elements can easily be added to the customer’s design, and so that the antenna will provide excellent performance when it is placed in position on the PCB.

“In 2014 2.4bn WiFi-enabled devices were shipped worldwide, and the industry surpassed 10bn WiFi devices cumulatively in early 2015,” comments Colin Newman, Director and Vice President of Sales, Antenova. “Over half of the products shipped are dual band 2.4GHz /5GHz, and the market is forecast to grow further over the next five years making 802.11ac the prevailing WLAN standard. 5GHz 802.11ac offers High Definition video streaming with more channels and less interference than at 2.4GHz. This coupled with the high efficiency of the Mutica antenna will help to support faster data rates, fewer disconnects and better battery life in portable devices”.

The company offers advice on RF design and the integration of the antenna, along with engineering assistance and customer support, and provides the CAD footprint files of each antenna free of charge to customers.

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