Antenna module supports concurrent GNSS operation

21st February 2014
Nat Bowers

Supplied in a tiny 9.6x14.0x1.95mm package, a GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou/QZSS antenna module has been introduced by u-blox. The surface-mount CAM-M8Q supports concurrent GNSS operation (GPS & GLONASS, GPS & BeiDou or GLONASS & BeiDou) to enable reliable and accurate satellite positioning anywhere in the world.

The antenna module integrates the company's AEC-Q100 qualified M8 GNSS receiver. It also has a SAW filter, an LNA, a TCXO, an RTC, passives and a pre-tuned GNSS chip antenna. The CAM-M8Q provides low power consumption of 28mA at 3.0V, with high-sensitivity, high jamming immunity and consistent omnidirectional antenna performance, regardless of orientation.

The CAM-M8Q is suitable for a variety of applications, including wearable electronics, personal locators, handheld navigators and vehicle telematics systems used for emergency call, anti-theft, insurance and road pricing. If an external antenna is used, the module allows the internal chip antenna to act as a backup. This is useful for applications such as vehicle tracking systems where damage to the external antenna is possible.

To ease the upgrade of existing designs, the CAM‑M8Q's form-factor is compatible to its predecessors, the UC530 and UC530M. The company also supplies the EVK-M8CAM evaluation kit.

“Our CAM-M8Q is perfect for customers designing highly compact products who want to speed up product development while freeing resources for core activities. The CAM-M8Q is a pre-tuned, performance and cost optimised module providing satellite positioning on an extremely small footprint. It is literally an “instant” positioning solution,” comments Thomas Nigg, Vice President, Product Marketing, u-blox.

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