AMD communication devices re-introduced by Rochester

27th August 2014
Nat Bowers

The AM7968 TAXIchip Transmitter and the AM7969 TAXIchip Receiver Chipset is a general-purpose interface for very high-speed (4-17.5MBps, 40-175MBd serially) point-to-point communications over coaxial or fibre-optic media. The speed of a TAXIchip system is adjustable over a range of frequencies, with parallel bus transfer rates of 4MBps at the low end, and up to 17.5MBps at the high end.

The flexible bus interface scheme of the TAXIchip set accepts bytes that are either 8-, 9-, or 10-bit wide. Byte transfers can be Data or Command signalling. Through its Extension-of-Life program, Rochester is the authorised source for re-creating the AM7968/7969 family of communication devices that match the original form, fit and function, providing lifetime support.

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